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Where is Taiwan?
Taiwan is located off the East coast of China between Hong Kong and the Philippines.
The main island of Taiwan, is roughly the same size as Vancouver Island with a population of 22 million people.

Lotus Flower in White River
  Which languages are spoken in Taiwan?
While the Taiwanese government officially recognizes many languages, the most common are Chinese and Taiwanese. The English level of young people and children continues to improve. Well-educated people, like doctors, usually speak English very well. However, unless you lean some basic Chinese you will find it difficult to buy food outside McDonalds or take a taxi.

Can I learn Chinese?
Chinese is a very difficult language to learn, but with determination it is possible to speak well. Some people participate in language exchanges with Taiwanese people. However, the only way to really learn to speak Chinese well is to study at a school. You can check out the Taipei Language Institute (TLI)

The Taipei Language Istitute has been a pioneer in Chinese language education since its founding in 1956. In terms of course design, teaching materials and teacher training TLI has become a model as well as a strong competitor in Chinese language education.

TLI specializes in private and small group classes. This approach allows students to progress more rapidly than the the more traditional lecture based approach still used in most Universities.

More information can be found at

What is the currency exchange rate?
For current exchange rates, as well as a chart of the relationship between the New Taiwan Dollar and the Canadian Dollar, see

What do teachers usually use for transportation?
Cars, scooters, and motorcycles are all available. Most teachers prefer scooters or motorcycles since they are cheap and more maneuverable in traffic. A decent second hand motorcycle or scooter costs between 10,000-30,000NT$. A new bike or scooter will cost around 30,000-80,000NT$.